Spanish Probate

We have considerable experience in handling the collection of UK assets if the Deceased died in Spain. Unfortunately, the Spanish legal system is very different to that of the UK, which means that an application to reseal the probate papers issued in Spain or its equivalent is not possible in the UK. Instead, an application needs to be made in the UK by the persons appointed under the Spanish Will for probate.

Typically, if there is a will, this will be Notorised and something known as an Inheritance Title Deed, will be signed by a Spanish Notary this then enables the estate assets to be administered and collected in Spain by the beneficiaries.

Given the complexity of applications in the UK, we can help you if you are a beneficiary, or lawyer (aborgardo) in Spain that requires help releasing UK assets. Tim Murden heads the international probate team and can be contacted on +44 (0)1482 42 99 85 or email

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