Resealing Probate from then UK

Sometimes a Deceased person may have died abroad, but still left UK assets, such as money in a bank account, shares or a property. If this is the case, how are the UK assets released?

Typically, most UK financial institutions will require what is known as a Grant of Probate this is a legal document issued to the Executor named in the will.

If the deceased died in a Country recognised by the Colonial Probate Act it may well be possible to have the foreign Grant of Probate ( or the equivalent legal document appointing the Executor to administer the estate ) formerly resealed in the UK by the Probate Registry.

We have a dedicated international probate team that assist clients from outside the United Kingdom, we regularly assist foreign lawyers and executors with Probate Reseal applications from Countries such as :-

  • • Australia
  • • New Zealand
  • • Canada
  • • South Africa
  • • Hong Kong
  • • British Columbia
  • • Singapore
  • • St Lucia
  • • Jamaica
  • • Bahamas

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