SOUTH AFRICAN PROBATE IN THE UK: Resealing Letters of Executorship

South African Probate

South African is a country recognised under the Colonial Probate Act, and as such the probate issued in South Africa (known as the Letters of Executorship issued by the Master of the High Court) can be resealed in the UK.

What documents will we require to reseal a South African probate?

We would typically require the following documentation :-

  • • Certified or Original Death Certificate
  • • Original Probate Letters of Executorship issued by the High Court in South Africa, together with the Will, this must be sealed by the Master at the High Court
  • • Confirmation of the UK assets to be collected eg. UK bank account details, share documentation etc.
  • • Identification of the Executor or Administrator of the Estate to comply with UK ML Rules

International Probate Contact

If you are a Executor or Administrator of an Estate in South Africa with UK assets that need collecting, we can help undertake the reseal application and assist in the collection of the UK assets please e-mail or telephone +44 (0)1482 42 9985.

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